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The Growth Coach Popular
12901 Scott Street
Omaha, NE 68142

Phone: (402) 884-2844

We are the leader in business coaching. Our coaches are located throughout the United States and Canada to facilitate The Strategic Mindset® Process. We offer our coaching and accountability services on a group and individual basis. We help drive our clients' success and balance their lives. In short, we help clients to become more focused, effective and strategic; to earn more money while working less.

At our website,, you can learn about the year-round coaching and accountability services we provide to clients and how the coach in your area can help you earn more money, work less, and enjoy a richer life. 

Client Services Overview

We help enhance the Strategic Mindset®, focus and results of entrepreneurs. We provide clients (business owners, professionals and executives) with the following coaching services on a unique money-back guarantee basis:

  • Quarterly group coaching and accountability workshops - a full-day personal strategic retreat every 90 days for busy entrepreneurs to slow down, reflect and decide on critical changes to improve their businesses and lives

  • One-on-one, face-to-face coaching sessions for clients requiring additional attention and follow-up

  • The Coaching ClubSM - for Clients who desire affordable, on-demand coaching via telephone, fax or e-mail from the convience of their own home or office location

  • Special project assistance - helping clients get the important and strategic projects "done" in their organizations

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