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Deer Creek HOA Meeting Thursday, Nov. 17th from 7:00 - 8:30
Deer Creek HOA is having their Annual Meeting Thursday November 17th, 7:00 PM at THE Players Club clubhouse.  This meeting is for all the homeowners in SID 405. Most Homes on the South Side of Deer Creek Drive are included in this HOA.  Please come to see what the HOA Board has been doing for the last year.   more »

This Weeks Dinner Schedule
September 9th-15th
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Deer Creek Gazebo Park Up and Running
A couple of years ago, the Board purchased the gazebo park located in the Villas of Deer Creek near the intersection of Scott and Read. Since then, we have continually worked at improving the landscaping and just recently, the waterfall feature and stream have been returned to operational condition. I would invite all of Deer Creek Residents to take the time to walk through the area to see how beautiful the park looks after renovation.  The park is open to all residents for your use and enjoyment.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Rich Rozgay
President, DC HOA more »

Update on Military Widening Project

Here is an update we have received from Douglas County on the Military widening project planned between 126th and 144th and Military.

"We plan to have the Military project in a March or April bid letting. Construction would start soon after the letting (May or June). The project will require two construction seasons, completion anticipated in the fall of 2014. We are having some difficulty in arranging for a utility agreement with Magellan Pipeline Company on their facility that crosses Military Road just east of 126th Street. You will likely be notified of the condemnation proceedings since this pipe line easement crosses over property owned by Deer Creek. If you would have any questions regarding the proceeding feel free to contact our County Attorney Mr. Bernie Monbouquette or give me a call." -Dan Kutilek

Thanks, Rich Rozgay

DC HOA President 

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Snow Removal Services

I have had a few calls or emails about the level of snow removal service received during the last two snow storms. I've talked in depth with the two Managers from Douglas County and have passed along all concerns. They have reviewed both storms and cannot find anything out of the ordinary that would have caused a lower level of service. They have the same operators assigned to us, and we are still in the same rotation of service. Of course, they do feel like both storms were unusual as one started with rain/ice and the other had such high winds. These factors play into when they dispatch service. They have promised to keep a closer eye on Deer Creek and genuinely seem like they want to provide the best service possible. They are hoping that as our empty lots fill in, we will experience less drifting as there would be more wind breaks.

You can call about any issues regarding snow into their complaint line at 402-444-6395 or visit their web site to submit an online issue. Feel free to email me with any further comments or suggestions as well.

Thanks, Rich Rozgay, DC HOA President

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Deer Creek Homeowners Meeting November 10th

Deer Creek Neighbors:

There is a Homeowner's meeting planned for November 10th at 7:00 p.m., @ The Players Club



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News From The Board

   The Deer Creek Homeowners Board is initiating a new means of communication to our members.  Our communication will now be through a website provided for the use of the neighborhood,  www.DeerCreekNews.Info . 

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