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Deer Creek’s  Christmas Happiness To Children

Recipients – Children from Westbrook Elementary - all ages                 

The children that need the most support:         

 Boys:  ages 7, 11, & 12       

Girls:  ages 11 months, 3, & 8 

Gifts - Request only new items. Please box, but not wrap, so that parents can have that pleasure. The above children have younger siblings therefore donations  will be accepted for age 12 and under. 

Ideas of gifts:  - Hats, gloves and belts are gravely needed, clothing, and of course toys.  Gift cards, food, and stocking stuffers would be appreciated also wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon. 

Collection – The Players Club December 1st – 12th     For your convenience you may drop off at these locations before Dec 1st or    at any time until Dec. 12th. ….Miller’s Front Porch  - 6946 N. 118th Circle     or Livingston’s Front Porch - 7407 N. 116th Ave. Circle., or call one of us below   for a pickup. 

Questions - Please contact  Janine Miller (e)  (w) 390.6490      © 658.3059 (p) 496-1379 or  Kathy Livingston (e)      (p) 933-5427 © 740-8290 or Natale Wallis (e), (p) 505-4650, or     Sandy Drendel (e) (p) 932-0797, or Becky Andricks      (e) (p) 212-7172     

Janine Miller works at Westbrook, a Title 1 School located at 1312 Robertson Drive.  They have an enrollment of 437 students of which 30-40% are in the free or reduced lunch program.  The staff is excited about this project and wants to “thank you” in advance.    

It is Deer Creek’s joy to give added happiness to these dear children!

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