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The Deer Creek Homeowners Board is initiating a new means of communication to our members.  Our communication will now be through a website provided for the use of the neighborhood,  www.DeerCreekNews.Info .  The Board believes that at some future time when both activity and size warrant, we will probably pursue our own website.  This means of communication gives us the ability to provide all the information we deem significant, on a timely basis.

In addition to monthly reports, we will periodically issue special bulletins to make some information available sooner.

   Following is more information about the liens we listed in the April issue of the Deer Creek Player.

   Board members have been often asked for many years why they don’t publish the names of lot owners who have not paid their dues.  After working diligently to pare down our list of delinquent dues, we now believe it is to a point where more owners understand their responsibility to do their share to support our Homeowners Association. Collections are not a fun task for anyone.  You have a volunteer Board who is doing its best to support your Association in an active way.  Everyone, understandably, isn’t able to devote the time or commit to the effort that is involved in being a Board member.  However, every lot owner in Deer Creek can pay their annual $300 dues, and this is a responsibility they are legally bound to do 

   In our April newsletter in the Deer Creek Player, the names of ten lot owners were identified who we had filed liens on because they owed dues for more than one year.  An eleventh name was edited out of the publication.  Our intension for publishing this list was primarily in response to our members.  Edited out of our listing was Robert Huck, who owns two lots in Deer Creek (#100 & #418) and had dues delinquent for three years, 2007-2009.  Within the past week Mr. Huck paid all his past dues, interest and lien costs.   This example, as well as some previous experiences we have had, makes us believe that filing these liens does make a difference.

   In some cases the liens might not make a difference so, following a short period of time to allow others on the list we published to reconcile their obligations, we will be foreclosing on those liens still outstanding.  In addition, we have some remaining outstanding dues, primarily those just for 2009 dues that we will be filing liens on in the next few weeks.  Those liens will be published in the next newsletter.

   We thank all of you who have paid your dues, particularly those that pay on a timely basis.  This allows our efforts to be focused on more constructive issues.

   If anyone has any questions, suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

   As a reminder, we are having a General Association Meeting on Thursday, May 21, 2009, at the Clubhouse.  We think it is important, if you are able, to attend these meetings and take an active interest in your Association.


Thank you,


Your Deer Creek Homeowners Association Board

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