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This is the newsletter which was sent out 4-29-09.  Below it are responses that I have gotten from some of the Deer Creek Residents.  It appears I was a little over cautious, the company exists and there is no need to fear answering the door to the salesperson if you want to hear what he has to say.  Deer Creek News Newsletter - April 29, 2009Does anyone have any information on the guy that is presently going door to door looking for bug exterminating jobs? I found him very empty of information. He told me he had other homes in the neighborhood that they were treating and had two more openings left.  I asked him to leave me a card and he said he did not have one.  He had a 3 ring binder with a cover sheet made from a computer.  I did not open the door because I was a little nervous.  He did have a hat on that said Rove Exterminating and that is what the notebook said.  Anyone can go to Goodwill or a garage sale and pick up a hat with a logo.  Please be careful before opening a door to a stranger. The thought crossed my mind that he was trying to find out which homes had someone home and which ones were empty.If someone knows anything about this, please let me know and I will put it out to the neighborhood.Sincerely,Judy Smith   I met him and felt very uncomfortable as well.  He rang the doorbell and stood there for about 5 minutes.  I initially ignored him because I thought he was soliciting business and I was in my office working.  After noticing that he was not leaving, I opened the door and got the same pitch.  He might be legitimate but it did seem questionable. Mark Eldridge   Mark,I worried the purpose was to find out who was not home to answer the door.  Did you fear that if you did not let him know you were home, he would have maybe tried to break in?    I did, and that is why I went to the door but just talked through the closed door.   Judy Smith          Judy, Yes.  He CLEARLY stood at our front door for an abnormal period of time before I finally opened it.  And I know he did not see me because you can’t see where I’m sitting in my home office from the front door.  And when I finally opened the door, he just kept on talking.  I thought that was weird too.  I had to finally cut him off and say “I’m not interested.”  I remember also thinking to myself I’ve never heard of Rove Exterminating.  Do you know if there is any such company? Thanks. Mark  Hey Judy, No news, but he hit our house last night around dinner time. We were out on the deck and Nichole opened the door. I agree he seemed just a little  Maybe a bit naive to be a criminal, but I told him to go away. Jean Brady  

Judy, I had a guy come by in shorts and sneakers with some sort of clipboard but my dogs scared him off.  He is still going around the Highlands area.  Thanks for the heads up! 




I did another search on the internet and found Rove Pest Control.  I called (402) 572-5495 and spoke to a woman that answers the phone for them.  She told me that for 4 months they have people from out of state going door to door looking for new business and that is the reason they don’t have business cards.  She said they have an office 10709 Mockingbird Street.  It was probably harmless door to door sales but I always want to trust my instincts.



   Judy, This young man was here late this afternoon and I refused to open the door to him.   We get good service from Terminex and this kid looked phony with his home-made look, so I just sent him on his way.  I wouldn't trust him. John Lietzen      Colin & Michele Strom contacted me and said this was the address they had for Rove Pest Control which treated their home.  PO Box 45111Omaha, NE 68145 1-866-764-2847   Also Judy – the local number is 572-5495.

From: Colin Strom
Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 8:20 AM
To: Judy Smith (
Subject: FW: Door to Door Bug Company Warning

 Hopefully this is helpful Judy.  Please let us know if you find anything that is still sketchy.      Horrible Experience - nick - Jul 28, 2008
DO NOT sign a contract with rove pest control. Manipulative door to door sales and very bad customer service. It took them 10 days to spray the ...‎ More »
DO NOT sign a contract with rove pest control. Manipulative door to door sales and very bad customer service. It took them 10 days to spray the inside and outside of my house. Their "half off" price is still higher than normal for the industry. They will not honor the contract as it is written or as the salesman explains it to you and they just count on it not being worth it for you to challenge them in court, which it isn't
 Hi Judy, We use a company called Rove Pest Control and they do a nice job for us but I do not know if Rove Exterminating is associated with Rove Pest Contol. Bob Frazier   Judy,                I don’t know the particular person that is going door to door but we use Rove Pest Control.  I believe that Joyce Dixon uses them or has used them in the past.  They came to our door but we talked to Joyce before we did business with them.  Just wanted to pass that along. Thanks,Kathy  Swanda 

This is a legitimate company with accurate info. and business cards given to me-  nice guy and not scouting out neighorhood.  Four neighbors have them and one I know had them last year and highly recommends them.   Thought you should know so YOU can let other residents know the real story!

Dave Jacobson

  No real information, but he did come here and my husband Stan talked to him,  We did not let him him in.  We will continue to be on alert for such operators.Joan Standifer  Judy,
This same young man just stopped by my house.  I informed him that we were all watching for his presence.  His "truck"/car is conveniently parked down the street around the corner, out of site.  He gave the names of some of the neighbors as having signed contracts with him.  He left his card and his name is David Christensen  phone #572-5495.  He also stated that he is not the one who sprays.

I remember this same kind of thing happeningl ast year.  Just thought I would let you know.

Jessica Thurmond

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