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I have had a few calls or emails about the level of snow removal service received during the last two snow storms. I've talked in depth with the two Managers from Douglas County and have passed along all concerns. They have reviewed both storms and cannot find anything out of the ordinary that would have caused a lower level of service. They have the same operators assigned to us, and we are still in the same rotation of service. Of course, they do feel like both storms were unusual as one started with rain/ice and the other had such high winds. These factors play into when they dispatch service. They have promised to keep a closer eye on Deer Creek and genuinely seem like they want to provide the best service possible. They are hoping that as our empty lots fill in, we will experience less drifting as there would be more wind breaks.

You can call about any issues regarding snow into their complaint line at 402-444-6395 or visit their web site to submit an online issue. Feel free to email me with any further comments or suggestions as well.

Thanks, Rich Rozgay, DC HOA President

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