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General Documents

  • The Players Club Lunch, Dinner, & Kids Menu
  • Connie Lusk, Deer Creek Highlands Resident Recognized Outstanding Volunteer
  • Gifts for the Elderly Ideas Article
  • 2013 Deer Creek Welcome Information
  • Independent Roofing

Important Documents

  • DC Covenants Owner Notary Signature Page
  • Executive Summary of Changes to Covenants (2)
  • Second Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants Final Draft
  • Amended Covenants #2
  • Amended Covenants #1
  • Original Covenants
  • Deer Creek Villa II Covenants
  • Deer Creek By-Laws
  • 2013 Deer Creek HOA Meeting Minutes
  • Deer Creek Proxy Package

Member Documents

  • July 31st Financial Reports for DC HOA-Bank Accounts
  • July 31st Financial Reports for DC HOA-Monthly Statement
  • Deer Creek HOA 2013 Year End Financials
  • Architectural/Landscaping Change Request Form
  • Deer Creek Highlands Plat Map
  • Deer Creek Street Changes
  • North Park Plan for Deer Creek

SID 405 Statement

  • Statement Regarding Sanitary and Improvement District No. 405 of Douglas County, Nebraska

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